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By Lesley

We made it

A whole week into term and I think we are just about back in the zone. Two very slightly over-excited but very tired children have made it through their first week of readjusting and collapsed in bed at an alarmingly sensible time. The first week really does take it out of them. And us too, it will be early nights all round.

Not least as tomorrow brings the dual excitements of J's first live football game and my brother's 40th party.

It's a bit of a year for them and next week will see Carl's. Which part explains my tiredness as I spent 3.5hours battling, and finally winning, with technology to get his present sorted ladt night. It was a real personal challenge as normally he is the in-house tech support and so as soon as something is a bit tricky I outsource it. However, it did give me the opportunity for a small amount of personal satisfaction to sort out something I would normally avoid.

For the forthcoming birthday the kids went into making mode this afternoon. The creations have been cunningly hidden behind books on the shelves to maintain that crucial surprise element. All was nearly blown when, on his arrival home, Anna instructed Carl not to go near the bookshelves. In an attempt to save the situation, quick- thinking Jackson said that there was glass there from something breaking. At which point the health and safety officer (aka Carl) offers to check it's all okay. This drags me into the whole sorry subterfuge as I assure him all has been well cleared up and hoovered and there's nothing to worry about. All fine then. Well, until Anna says, " but don't go near the bookshelves anyway."

Fortunately Carl is blessed with a natural lack of curiosity about such things and will have forgotten about it already.

Despite spending a lot of time sorting out pictures to print today this is the only one I have taken. And yes, that is a small child running with a lolly in her mouth. Please don't tell the H&S officer.

Lesley x

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