A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

There she goes

One very adorably excited, delightful little ray of sunshine bounded around the house putting on her uniform, brushing her hair, bringing me hairbands, neatly folding down her socks, trying the cardigan buttoned and unbuttoned to see which felt more comfortable, reminding me to take all the forms and pictures required. The very same posed obliging and patiently as I snapped away before we set off for school. The journey was a mixture of skipping and holding my hand. The goodbye was swift and adorable. My heart tugged.

2.5hours later...

"So how was it?"


"What did you do?"

"I'm not telling you."

"Fair enough, but did you enjoy it?"

"I said I'm not telling you anything."

"Ok. But out of 10 how many would you give it?"

"Just leave it."

I'm thinking it went well then.

Myself and a fellow parent distracted ourselves with lunch at Carluccio's. Two hours flew by and I collected two children from school for the first time. Anna clearly relished being on the other side of pick-up. I find it such a perfectly natural yet strangely odd tension between the rightness of the natural progression of things and the desire to freeze time. Another ego-deflating parenting moment that is more about them than you.

It wasn't even a full day. That comes in a couple of weeks (they break them in very gently). I anticipate that being the tougher day for me (only because it was with J); at least this time I know that it soon passes.

Onwards and upwards
Lesley x

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