Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Rising tide

This was taken from the pier in Arnside as the tide was rapidly filling the estuary. The speed of the big spring tides (today was a 9.7 metre) is breathtaking, and potentially terrifying if anyone is caught out on the mudflats. For this reason the Coastguard in Arnside sounds a siren half an hour before the tide sweeps in.

I was hoping to see the Arnside Bore, this is one of the celebrated features of the village, and a source of endless amusement in double entendres. The Bore is a wave that travels up the estuary as water is funnelled from the huge embayment of Morecambe Bay into the narrow estuary of the Kent. It doesn't quite compare to the Severn Bore in either height or distance of travel, but it is impressive nevertheless. But for whatever reason, today it disappointed the small crowd that gathered to watch.

Hopefully the disturbance to the water gives some indication of the power of today's tide. A blip of the Bore will have to wait to another day.

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