By flying

Another Flower Blip

I thought this was pretty much the 'Perfect' bloom. Vibrant in colour, lovely shape and beautifully formed petals. My garden blip for today.

I was up early this morning, drove for half an hour, got set up and knew exactly what I wanted. Everything was ready to go, I lined the shot up and.....I was horrified!!! I had that dreadful sinking feeling and a little message on my camera, can you guess....'NO MEMORY CARD'!!!! There was nothing I could do!
I didn't have a spare, no shops were open and that was the end of my enthusiasm for today. Never, I repeat NEVER will I do this again, unbelievable!

Since then the sun has shone, the rain is here and I have achieved not much. I've taken photo after photo of flowers, so another flower blip and I will have to go back to my marked spot some other time. I guess we all have days like this - good old Sunday :)

PS It looks a little dusty - its because of all the pollen at the moment :)

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