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Spray On Fish

Today was a really hard day.

After a bad night baby showed us why he did not want to sleep by going through five nappies in about a quarter of an hour.

We had to go out shopping today for a tie and a top for a family wedding, so we set off already exhausted. The screaming started on the bus and went from there really. It hit a peak at lunch time just as we were sat in a busy restaurant, just as our food had arrived.

So as usual we took turns throwing our food down our throats and calming children, paid quickly and left. Thankfully the little ones started to snooze not long after as we wandered back towards home.

On the way there we spotted this chap arting up a wall. Not far from there toddler woke like a bear with a sore head so we shot round the supermarket and then straight to the park with our bumper packs of bog roll in tow.

After a run around, an ice cream and a strange game were we had to run to a flower bed and shout boom and then run to the next one and then do the same again she seemed to have cheered up a bit.

We then went home for beans on toast.

Clearly it was very exciting day as I had the pleasure of fishing a poo out of the bath a bit later, and just to clarify it was not mine.

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