A Walk Through Deb's Life

By debsthoughts

Hilda on Deer Head

Hilda is such a card. She likes to roost on whatever she can. She always has - even when she was just a week or so old, she would flap her wings and end up roosting on either my lap or wherever she landed. These days she's nervous and cautious about me trying to catch or hold her, but she's not the least bit cautious about this yard ornament that came with our house four years ago. Funny hen.

I think I have 'senior-itus' - when it comes to my farmers market season. I'm done. It's too much now. But the end is in sight, so that's probably what the deal is. Plus my very-particular-neat-freak in-laws will arrive in two days. My house will never be good enough, clean enough, tidy enough, or pretty enough. And that's the truth. But they should just figure out that not everybody lives the way they do. And in fact, those folks who do not live the way they do may in fact, be happier than those who do.

Who am I kidding? I better go scrub the shower...

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