Mark Mayo, photographer

By marksmayo

Autumn everywhere!

Well, I got the urge to go take some photos again this afternoon, after spending much of the day on the computer. I returned to Bishop's Park - which I'd been meaning to for autumn but hadn't gotten around to - and was worried I'd have missed the autumn colours. To some extent yes, but I actually got a heap of great shots - there are still lots of bright reds, oranges and yellows around. It was also sunset so some other great shots from that, and suddenly my camera was filling up fast with potential blips. It took a while to narrow them down.

My goal was to create a super panoramic (a 'spanoramic', patent pending ;)) by taking three rows of 4 photos, stitching together each row of 4 photos, and then stitching the 3 rows together. Alas, while I got the rows, I didn't realise the resultant dimensions of course would be wrong to stitch. I could resize the widths,, it all got a bit complicated late at night :) I include the middle row here :)

Finally, I submitted this shot for the September/October NZ Photography Salon - after the positive feedback on blip. Thanks guys!

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