My Aim is True


Rumpy pumpy

I popped out today to asses just how my 12 million quid was being spent.

The numbers of press, protesters, photographers and police was at least that of spectators. I am not sure that a police officer every 4 feet on both sides of the street was totally necessary. Apparently that cost 1.5 million. So that still leaves 10.5 million unaccounted for.

On the radio a few weeks ago, some spokespersonman* for the catholic church said that although the cost was very high, the papal visit would bring in much more than that in tourism. Hmmm? Didn't see anyone with a papal flag

However one benefit may be that the staff at Standard Life may have had an excuse for a bit of rumpy pumpy, what with all the condoms some of their staff were helping themselves to.

And I very much enjoyed hearing about EcoDad's encounter on the last papal visit.

* of course it would be a man, it's the catholic church

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