Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Arnside Viaduct

Arnside Viaduct has featured frequently in this journal. The weather was changeable today, and I was on the promenade four times during the day. On each occasion the light and water were utterly different.

This was the second visit in the morning, a few shots quickly taken when Wifie was walking to the newsagent's where I was to pick her up to go into Milnthorpe. The water was an almost perfectly still looking glass for the sky. I had more time an hour later, but by then the wind had ruffled the water and the reflections were gone.

The sand bar is constantly changing shape, but I like it in its current form. There is a huddle of redshanks in the distance, and the bar is dotted with black-headed gulls.

There is an autumnal feel to the air now, and today we saw our first skein of migrating pink-footed geese fly over our house heading south.

Thank you to those who commented and rated my blip yesterday, this was the first time one of mine has made it on to the Spotlight page. If you are interested to see almost the same scene today, then click the link. Alternatively, if you fancy a change from estuary scenes, here is a spider that has a web in our new flower bed. When this was taken, she was industriously desconstructing the old web, before spinning a new one.

Lainie, look, my tame gull is there on the end of the spit.

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