Circle of the Seasons

By GCleare

Goldenrod Prevails

Greetings! I thought it would be appropriate to start my photo journal with the big picture, my world, the historic farm in Western Massachusetts where I am blessed to live.
Most of my photography comes from daily walks around this twenty-four acre property. In this part of the world we have four very distinct seasons, and I try to capture iconic moments in the flow. Something amazing is always going on. Mother Earth is so beautiful. That is what I want to show you here, in my collection of images.
In the early fall, where we are today, the Pioneer Valley is ripe. The pumpkins have swelled, the vines have shriveled and the fields are being cleared. Trucks carrying stacked boxes of butternut squash are slowing down traffic on every country road. Everywhere you go people try to give you tomatoes. The air is perfect, cool but not cold. The sunlight is a warm rich yellow in the afternoons when the fields smell like baking bread.
Behind my house is a fallow pasture where my husband has created a nature preserve for an impressive array of wildlife by letting the goldenrod grow. He likes to mow once a year, in the late fall, after the bloom.
The yellow plumes are peaking now, taller than me with strong stems as big around as my little finger. They've choked out most of the purple asters that cling to the edges of the field fighting for their lives.

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