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By DaiUrnal

Rocking-horse droppings - found!

I watched BBC One tonight. It was broadcasting a programme on the painstaking campaign conducted to capture images of tigers hidden deep within the woods of the elusive beasts' Himalayan fastness in the kingdom of Bhutan. I felt proud to be able to report my own modest success today at capturing rare images.

This is a First Bus vehicle travelling the London Road into Bath. It is a Psychic Bus. They are not new, nor are they exclusive to the First Bus Group. I recall first seeing them when I lived on the edge of Stevenage, Herts., in the 1980s.

Psychic Buses lurk out of sight until you begin your walk towards the bus stop. You can then expect them to appear when the stop is tantalisingly close - but too far to reach, even if you run, before the bus has stopped; discharged and loaded passengers, and driven triumphantly off again.

Psychic Buses are difficult to capture on film, their extra sensory powers are superior even to those of crows and squirrels that know when a landowner is carrying his long thunder-stick with evil intent. If a Psychic Bus suspects you intend to photograph it - it does not appear.

The Psychic Buses of Bath are good - it has taken me since I first started blipping in May to capture this image. And as can be seen from the less than ideal cropping, it was not easy. I had already put my camera away in my bag, in anticipation of reaching the bus stop without, once again, any success when not one but two - possibly a mating pair - of Psychic Buses appeared suddenly from the direction of Chippenham.

But I got the second of the pair - and here I've shared it with you.

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