Fake Skylines

By fakeyskies

Day 12: Panorama of Cesky Krumloy

I couldn't believe the power of pictures until I made this to a Panorama with 6-7 fotos!

After taken these photos from the castle, I took bus towards Telc. I had a stop here before going to Brno in the evening. Telc, a town of World Cultural Heritage
by UNESCO was extremely tiny. Accroding to tour guide books, you can walked thro the town within half-an-hour. I can tell you that its true! But she is so love, you may have a chance to see "two Telc" (shadow in the river and the real one) when the weather is good.

And than, I had my last bus ride in Czech (in Czech, buses are cheaper and much more convenient than railways) towards Brno.

Brno, was sooooooooooo crappy. Probably the crappiest evening in my trip:
- I hadn't confirmed my hostel
- So, I put my big backpack in train station let me more easy to walk around
- Drunk people laughing at me on the street while I was already extremely nervous about no place to stay
- Darkness coming!!
- There're no sign of any hostels/hotels in the city centre, WTF!
- Finally found the "hostel" I tried to book
- It's actrally a school
- that's means you have to sleep in classrooms
- the lockers were sucks... fortunely my backpack was in train station

Time to sleep!

Why I went to Brno? Just want to arrive Vienna tomorrow and start using my railpass... well, if you're going on this route, you better use CK-> Linz (Austria) -> Vienna. I guess Linz would be a much safe place than Brno. NEVER AGAIN.

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