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By DaiUrnal

Free wheeling

To the Aged Ps for Sunday lunch. I returned home along the Heads of the Valley then via the A40 towards Monmouth, where I pulled into a layby beyond the Sugar Loaf to take this photo.

This image shows the 'econometer' page on my car's display panel. It registers the average consumption in five minute bins; this shows 10 minutes of 99 mph fuel consumption which corresponds to the descent of the Black Rock. I simply allowed the electric motor to control my speed and the energy regenerated goes back into the battery (the little green car symbols on the display).

The hill is so high and the descent so long, the battery is normally fully recharged before I reach the bottom; I guess the electrical power my Prius hybrid regenerates from the electric motor acting as a braking dynamo is then simply dumped.

Potential energy converted to kinetic energy, converted to electrical energy. My old Physics teacher would have been in his element...

Fascinating technology.

Must get out more...

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