New Dawn #9

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The ninth of twenty monthly shots documenting the construction of the new Forth Valley College campus in Alloa, being built on the hill smack bang in the middle of the shot. Previous 8 on the numbered links above or all together here

Under this luminous blue October sky the meccano's pulling together nicely now and there's a better sense of where the finished build is going to be and the space it's occupying. Will get around to updating the time-lapse movie this month (tried a couple of times last month but gave up eventually)

The other main change here is the trees. They've went from green to green/orange over the course of this month, and next month I think we'll be able to see even more of the construction that's still tucked behind the foliage.

I've got this snapping from the same spot lark down to a fine art now, can be in and out in a couple of minutes, but as I headed down here today I had to wait a bit as there was a young couple having a bit of a domestic right next to my marked stone. I got some scowls as I lurked around them with my gorilla-pod and camera in one hand, whistling a tune to try and warn them I was there (can't remember exactly what it was I was whistling, but remember it being something Christmassy). Thinking I was some sort of madman they soon moved off to continue their lover's tiff away from the barmy blipper.

Petrol Price update: 113.9 per litre unleaded; back up another 3p, 116.9 for diesel; jumping up another 3p (these prices included an already planned government 1p a litre hike).

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