Leanne's Random Photos

By Leannespics


So tragic!!

I was at my computer, when out of the corner of my eye I see two hummingbirds chasing each other - then THUD THUD!!! Yikes! They smashed into the stucco wall! I ran out to see if they were alive. One had fallen to the shelf, his wings all splayed out and upside down. The other was on the concrete, right side up but one wing all cattywampus. So, first....I ran to get my camera of course ..... Then I picked the one on the shelf up. He straighten up his wings, but he looked pretty bewildered. I'm sure having me cuddle him helped! :) He was in my hand for at least 5 minutes. Got a nice photo shoot of him. He is the hummingbird who guards my feeder. He's got a crooked beak (it was crooked before his accident - probably not the first time he smacked into a wall!). I was so thrilled when he finally flew to the tree!

The other one flew gingerly when I tried to pick him up. I'm glad I saw them. It would have been sad if the puppy had found them first!!

I just saw him come to the feeder! Oh good! I'm glad he's okay! Poor birdies!

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