Leanne's Random Photos

By Leannespics

Blue jay is back!

I'm not sure if I took this one or if Victoria took it while she planted herself on a patio chair with camera in one hand and peanuts in the other! She makes her momma proud!

When we moved here 7 years ago, two blue jays were acustomed to taking peanuts from the hand. One had only one leg and the other had a long beak.

This morning, we saw two blue jays on the patio. The kids thought they might be the same ones! I explained that I didn't think birds lived that long in the wild. Maybe they were children of the other birds.

We had two soccer games at 9:30. Nice to have the whole day free afterward! Phl had to go to work (Oct 15th deadline looming) and the kids had two playdates over. With five of them running around, I didn't get much done.

ah, there's always tomorrow......

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