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Timeless stuff

A big day today, especially following two not very well ones, but A did it and can now, sort of, up to a point, cycle by herself. Actually, I shouldn't be so harsh - she did a great job and was peddling completely on her own after only a few attempts. The only thing lacking now is any staying power but that will come with some more practice. Which hopefully there will be chance for before putting the bikes away for winter. After all the 21 degrees and sunshine they promised for today never turned up but that didn't get in the way of a very lovely afternoon in the park. Even when Anna learned why you shouldn't wear shorts in London in October when her lips started to turn blue.

Shall touch only briefly on saddening trip to the camera shop this morning...my camera has now been sent of for analysis and I just have to wait until Wednesday to hear the verdict...I fear the worst...even the best means possibly up to a month without a camera. And the very month with both kids birthdays in. Sigh :-(

Back to cheerier things - must go and get ready as tonight is yet another 40th celebration! This one features a pub crawl but taking into account our increasing years it is a realistic 4 pubs. It's fairly local to us so there was a plan to walk there; however, a lot of age-denying football in the park means Carl has called a cab! I shouldn't laugh...but I do.

Lesley x

ps - am attempting to distract myself from the lack of a 'real' camera with lots of processing. Was aiming for a timeless thing on this image as teaching your kids to ride a bike feels like a technology defying activity. Hopefully it's also a little distraction from the poor quality of the image.

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