John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Roof of the Guggenheim

We went to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City today--designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and architecturally surely one of the greatest museum buildings in the world. It opened in 1959.

Inside the museum photography is only permitted from the ground floor, from which I took this blip. This is essentially Wright's original design for the top of his building. The marvelous skylight was covered over, incredibly, at some point probably during the 1960s, and only uncovered again relatively recently.

The main exhibition showing currently is entitled "Chaos and Classicism" and covers art in Germany, France and Italy from 1918-1936. Some parts were interesting, but I found the concept a bit too intellectual. There is also a lovely small show of works by Kandinsky from his tenure at the Bauhaus in Germany (1922-1933).

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