Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Regeneration of Factory Spaces, Nuremberg

- Backblip - Nuremberg : Day 4

Today we visited an area in the west of the city which has been hit by recession in recent times. The huge Quelle distribution building is now closed down and empty, with city planners trying to decide how best to use this space in the future.

We then went to the former AEG factory, part of which has been taken over by another electronic appliance company. Other areas are being renovated for artists' studios, cafes and performance spaces. The place has a very linear feel to it - lots of white and grey. A few trees have been planted to break up the space, with areas of grass, bench seating and several sculptures.

Here is a new installation, hanging from the conveyor belt corridor that used to move new washing machines, fridges etc to the packaging areas for despatch.

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