Where did all the colour go?

I blame it all on raheny_eye, of course. He stole all the colour and concentrated it all in that one blip. There certainly wasn't much left hanging around Sandymount Strand this morning. If it hadn't been for the two surfer dudes I would readily have believed that I was living in a monochrome world. Cloudy, Misty. Dull. Grey.

Over in Carl's we half-watched the Hollyoaks omnibus (pretty terrible these days) and then switched over to the re-run of the Japanese Grand Prix. Apart from the first-lap incidents which saw several cars crash out (and one car not even make it to the grid), it was all a bit of a bore, really.

After that we half-watched Suddenly Last Summer (desperately wordy and long-winded, and not especially well acted) and then fully watched The Fourth Protocol before meeting Carl's cross-the-street neighbours for a drink and a chat in one of the locals.

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