As my mood grabs me...

By AlisonM


My planned blip tonight was a total failure - I blew bubbles across the room till I was blue in the face and all the pics were rubbish. In fact I get better results when I squash myself into the utility room and cobble together an off camera flash. All that space in my 'studio' doesn't always help.

Not that there's much space in there at the moment - it's turning into a tip again so it'll soon be time to tidy up.

However in desperation I picked up the dish of oily water again - it's getting really cruddy now - probably because I tipped my bubble mixture in there and the general day to day fluff and dust is settling on it. Still, it gives the drops a bit more texture!

I used the cd as a background - I just held it below the container and turned it into the light until I found a colour I liked. A delicate act as the tray was rather precariously balanced - one false move and I'd just have tipped the lot over.

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