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Home sick

Under the weather today. Don't feel super horrible but no sense in going to work and making everyone else sick too.

I took some time to myself this morning after dropping my son at school. I was hoping to test out my new wide angle lens on some lovely morning sunlight. I drove out near our North jetty hoping to walk on the dunes or find ponds of water untouched by wind.

As soon as I parked and started walking, I came across a "No Trespassing" sign. Geez... I did manage to finally find a spot but realized I should have brought my boots.

Things I learned today regarding wide angle landscape photography:
1. I need to buy some boots.
2. I need to bring my tripod...duh.
3. I need to be in seriously close proximity to my subject.
4. I need to order my polarizer
5. I need to order a wireless remote for off camera shutter release.

The latter being one of the most important, as my shadow was impossible to avoid this morning. Argh. I also did some reading on how to prevent camera shake and can't wait to try the techniques.

I absolutely adore my new lens. It will take some getting used to especially getting close enough to things.

Since I didn't like any of my photos from my morning trip, I decided to play a bit with my youngest. I just finished knitting the scarf he's wearing, and I asked him to pose with it for me. This is about all you can expect for a pose out of a 2 (nearly 3) year old boy I suppose.

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