An Apple a Day

Cheers Craftynini! After a hectic Thursday in which no pictures were taken whatsoever at all it was good to go browsing through blipfoto and be handed a blip idea on a plate.

I like my apples. The Mac versions and especially the 6.8% ABV ones.

As I'm a marketing department's dream it was a weird coincidence that, on National Apple Day 2010, as I stood in the queue of the local Co-Op tonight buying the local paper and a bottle of red, I was tempted by one of the end-of-aisle special offers on the go - a box of four 'Premium' ciders for a fiver. I thought "It's Thursday, it's almost the weekend innit?" and after the day just gone a cheeky cider or two was just what the doctor ordered (apple a day and all that)". And the proper 'cloudy cider' bottle in the selection appealed as I'd never tried a proper one of those. At least, not as far as I remember.

So, one down, three to go (though the I think the 6.8% one might be left 'til it is the weekend proper). Cheers!

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