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Here it comes

The rains are expected this weekend, and tonight is the first showing. I walked outside to little drops ascending from a now gloomy sky with a slight chill to the mild wind. As I searched the yard for my blip, the drips began to increase with intensity.

I was hoping this weather would hold up for my youngest's birthday this weekend, but it looks to be an indoor event for sure. Being sickly has put a damper on our party plans, and I have yet to notify family of our party intentions. Maybe they will read my blip? *wink*

I'm looking forward to a lovely day tomorrow. I have the day off, as my husband has a root canal in the morning and my oldest's school is not in session. I figured it only nice of me to keep the children entertained while he lay drugged, lifeless and slobbering on the couch.

So with the rains coming, I've had the terrible realization that I will have to learn how to take photos indoors! I'm sure you'll all be seeing a lot of little boy blips in the coming months as we hold out for better weather. You see, the weather in our parts means rain 9 months of the year and then a little sun and some wind the rest of the time. The more I've been on blip, the more I think the Pacific Northwest of America is quite like Scotland.

I'm off to read my voter's brochure at an attempt to determine whom I'm to vote for that supposedly will fix what is currently broken. But how do we vote for the right person, when the right person probably doesn't even know s/he is the right person because his/her PR folks are so damn busy slandering the other side that they forget to tell us why their person is the "right" person. And then again, who would fess up to being the "wrong" person?

I think I'm going to check out their Facebook pages next....

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