Man in the mirror

I remember an evening with A spent years ago, when I was getting to know him. He was playing some music on a borrowed keyboard. And the atmosphere in the room was transformed. To see someone up close, so alive, so at one with his art was inspiring. I will not attempt to try and substitute with words what I experienced that day, but what I will say is, A not having a keyboard with him is a tragedy. I convinced him to get one, and despite having my flight later in the day accompanied him to the shops. Though we weren't successful in the little time we had, he did manage to get a good keyboard later in the day and I am very happy for him.

We had a relative who is visiting us in India, over at our place in the morning since S and I were leaving. It was interesting conversing with him. He seeks to lead a balanced retired life.

At the airport it was more crowded than I would have imagined. A nonchalant cat jumped from one window-sill to another high upon the walls while several lines snaked across a relatively small space. We moved from one line to the next until we finally managed a breather before boarding. It is never a pleasant atmosphere when thousands of people are put into lines, with some who are late and need to go ahead. Someone on the flight complained vehemently that the air-hostess had insulted him! All the rush led to delays, but finally when we reached things seemed calm. The people who were fighting to get ahead in the queue, rushing as if someone might take their seat on the flight suddenly seemed to give way and adopt a relaxed approach. The breeze when we landed was chilly and the weather fantastic, the air breathable, roads without potholes, traffic that moved fast. The effeciency, which is relatively far better, strikes you first after the long gap.

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