Riding shoes

I love the lazy autumn sun. It skims over each surface it touches. I was concerned about about the effects of pollution and excess eating these last couple of weeks, so decided to take the bike out and see where I stood. This is the season for long rides and it will be a pity to miss out.

I am thankful for the vast wide roads which were a part of the Commonwealth Games cycling track almost at our doorstep. Decided not to carry anything with myself. No water, no camera, no watch or even a wallet. Picked up the mobile phone though at the last moment. The fields which were green and airbrushed with dew when I left were now yellow, bent by the strong wind after the harvest. The sunlight lingered upon dust from the village lanes which tractors and scooters whisked up into the air, a few unfortunate butterflies had their wings stapled upon the tar, large cottony weeds stretched upon the wind's shoulders... Perhaps I would have made a good photo if I had the camera with me. But I decided to keep it light. Not every day is about photography.

I was thinking parched mouths and fatigue on the way back since I had decided to complete the ride without pause. The roads had mild undulations and the useful tailwind turned a bit vicious on the way back. In the end, it was a comfortable 40 km in an hour and 15 minutes. A couple of more rides, and I should be ready.

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