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Boxing Champ

Yesterday when walking home from watching the Great South Run I was starting to feel ill, today I am ill.

Also yesterday whilst walking home from the Great South Run we walked past a house with a skip outside it, next to the skip were loads of slides all over the floor. Me, being me, had to take a look, in the skip I saw a slide viewer and pulled it out for Grandpa (though now I know it is not one he would want), I walked away but then had to go back, as did not like the thought of leaving all the slides there to end up rained on and put in land fill without someone having one last look at them.

Now I do not usually look through skips, probably as they are usually full of broken glass and soil, but on this occasion I am glad I did, just for this picture alone. I love text being used in photos, I wonder if the boy ever boxed at all, by the sheer fact that the other kids in the back ground are being thrown about whilst he stands there proudly makes me think he can handle himself.

Probably due to recent weather and the skip conditions a lot of the other slides are damaged, especially ones of what seems to be a grand wedding. There are however a few interesting ones, they interest me as they are someones memories that have sadly ended up in a skip.

I will probably blip more in the future, they are a good blip bank for low inspiration or sick days.

A few years ago I found a really old photo on a Surrey street and then later that day I found a really new photo on a Surrey street, both sit by my desk at work, I may blip them one day.

Maybe thats why blip is so good, so many pictures, so many memories, so many lives!

I have also back blipped for Saturday, hopefully my technical problems will be behind me soon.

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