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By emyjane

The Future is Flowering in

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Wildflower Meadow in the Making

I have this lovely garden. It's so different. There are four parts. The fourth being the most important. I've lived with this garden now for over two years & now it's going to be done properly! Our new gardener - yes we have a gardener, as it's too much work for myself & my family - has strimmed the heavy grasses this evening & tomorrow he'll be raking in Yellow Rattle Plus any other wildflower seed - you can in fact plant wildflower seed until the end of December. So come next Spring, the unsightly choking thick bodied grasses will make way for a sea of yellow (loved by insects) & any other seed that makes it in it's first season. Blipfoto for me will now chart the meadows progress & this photo is it's new beginnings!

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