LL Cool Jim

By LLCoolJim


These auld pins are really starting to ache and creak now. It's soul-destroying.

I had to take my head off to take this photo.

Do you like my Puma-disc-system?

"Where were you when............"

44 years today since Abraham Zapruder made the most famous piece of cinefilm/movie camera history.
On that link, read his exchange of words with Watson (Station WFAA Dallas) - he keeps saying "I kept shooting".

On another tale from that era - please read the fantastic true story of Kenny Christiansen (aka D B Cooper). If you could see the pictures of him and the photo-fit too it's astounding. Surely Hollywood is gonna come calling.

This is for Airborneskygod - thought of him and he's gonna love it.....

The hunt for the invisible man

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