LL Cool Jim

By LLCoolJim

Rage and Rant

I realise seeing my plates of meat two blips running ain't ideal. At least you cannae smell 'em. Inspired by Gripja's shot, I thought I'd take a snapshot of my working environment. I commented to him that it'd make a good future assignment..... the workplace.

I received some cracking links from my cousin today too....

Edinburghsucks.com is fascinating and this link on it will interest Gripja too. I'd seen it a while back. Great docu that lasts an hour and 20 minutes.

My favourite LOL moment was reading this fella's rant, at the hijacking of policies, with this belter of a quote about Alistair Darling: "As hardened a cynic as I am, I have to confess to being taken aback by the sheer brazenness of this badger-faced cunt's performance today."

It reminded me, also, of my wee brother's tale from a couple of weeks ago. He was on a flight from or to London recently on business with his bank. He was next to Darling and his aide, who were "culling" the day's newspapers. My brother got chatting to another city banker about credit crunch and property risk etc. and he reckoned Darling's ears pricked up and head leant in for an eavesdropping. He really wanted the chancellor to ask him something just so he could say in his perfect General Melchett voice: "Not now, Darling".

Have a read - tres amusant.

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