a town called E.

By Eej

Setting free the (woolly, dusty) bears

Two nights of frost and the remaining leaves are dropping from the trees like ... well, leaves, pretty much. It's bringing out the birds though, or maybe I just can see them better. The feeders are up, the cats have been warned, we are all set.

When I walked in the house I could see something moving in one of the corners.
"JOHN!" I yelled: "there's a bear in the house!"
"Put it outside!" he yelled back. Not: "I'll come save you!" or something romantic.
Granted, he probably knew I wasn't talking Grizzly or Panda :)

It seems banded woolly bears (Pyrrharctia isabella larva) have a tendency to pick up all kinds of dust and cat hairs: I cleaned him up intensively before taking its photo and it still looks it's been camping out in a vaccuum bag :/

I've saved many a woolly bear in the three years that I've lived here. For some odd reason they're always in the middle of the road or a footpath. This one, once outside, decided to go for the driveway. I offered lily, grass and periwinkle. Nope. Driveway.
When I put it back on my hand it went directly for my sleeve.
We eventually came to an agreement on the peony, which has a lot of stuff underneath that will make a good cover for a small bear. The birds have been warned, we are all set.

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