Arnside and beyond

By gladders

View from Arnside station

There can't be many train stations in England that have better views - even on a dull and overcast day like today. This was a snatch blip as I was waiting for the train to Preston.

This view is about 50 metres from the platform, I always go and have a look across the bay to Whitbarrow before getting on the train. Today the tide was in, and there was a flock of lapwings roosting on the mudflats with a few lesser black-backed gulls.

I suspect the muted colours won't look particularly interesting on the thumbnail, but I like the layers and angles in this scene. Shame the light wasn't better.

The dilemma is whether to blip something every day whatever the weather and however ordinary the scene, or wait for the days when there is good light and I can get out in it.

A get together in Preston today to discuss the changes that are being introduced to cope with the 30% budget cut. It's sad to reflect that this time next year, many of us will no longer be working for the organisation. Oh, happy days!

Enough of being maudlin, tonight's The Apprentice, always good for a laugh.

There's a picture of the lapwing flock in flight here.

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