A Blip on the Reidar

By reidar

Challenge Cup

Scottish Football League Challenge Cup
Dunfermline Athletic 2-3 St Johnstone
Dens Park

Man was it cold up in Dundee by half time. St Johnstone scored three times in the first half and really that left the Pars too much of a mountain to climb to get it back. We did try though, which is what stopped a lot of support leaving at half time.

Things to note about this occasion included pre-match violence and a female assistant referee (thats the linesman if your unsure).

Those naughty St Johnstone fans where tempting a fight when the Pars fans disembarked from the coaches and much squaring up happened, one poor lad did get punched in the face and banged his head against a wall on the way back, he was sparked out. The Police of course where out in numbers but no matter how many people told them it was kicking off just down the road they couldn't care less. In an amazing stupid bit of planning they had the Dunfermline support get off their buses at the St Johnstone end of Dens Park and the St Johnstone fans got off at the Pars end. So it meant we had to walk past each other and that just wasn't fun. I'm not saying Dunfermline fans are as pure as the driven snow but the St Johnstone fans have already been in trouble this season with fighting so it didn't have a good atmosphere to say the least.

Anyway, home again in the heat and another defeat for Dunfermline, getting fed up of it really :(

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