Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

The Foundations...

Here's the thing. Noah is a natural builder. He builds. It's what he does. If there are no bricks available he'll stack cups, tupperware boxes, coins...anything goes as long as he can build a tower.

At this age Henry used to like me to build a tower so he could knock it over. A psychologist friend of mine explained that this was because children have to deconstruct before they construct. Noah's deconstruction phase lasted about a week...after that he entered the Construction phase (capital C intended). He is the most precious child ever about his towers. If I or anyone else builds a tower he can knock it over. If he builds one it has to stay built. Woe betide anyone who accidentally so much as breathes on it...they receive the full force of the 'Noah glare' (I have yet to capture this on camera but believe me, it could stop a bull elephant in its tracks).

Today he sat happily building towers for nearly an hour...first he built on the floor then tried building on the sofa (which was tricky) then on the flat top of the bin in the kitchen...I know, not hygienic but it was keeping him quiet and he eats food out of the dog bowl if he can get it so I figure the bin is probably cleaner.

He got up to six bricks, his personal best, and gave himself round of applause...neither of my sons goes in for false modesty. I did record the five brick tower for posterity but the composition wasn't as good so it was relegated to Flickr.

Tonight I really must update my Flickr account. I've been so busy lately I haven't had time.

For now I need to go and sort out Bob and H. Bob is about to commit infanticide because Henry is bouncing off the walls! Noah is sitting behind me constructing the Eiffel Tower out DVDS which he's liberated from my bottom shelf!

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