Black Ops

I thought Euan was going to explode with anticipation over this one last night.

After impressively holding on to his birthday money since way back on August 23rd for this it eventually popped through the letter box first thing this morning. Pity he had a whole day of school ahead then homework then chores before he could fire it up.

If I can prise him off it for sleep I might get a chance go AWOL for a bit myself. I've not played this series to any length since the first Modern Warfare and Euan got far too good for me to compete against him in the last version, so I took the huff and pretended I din't have time to play. That's probably not going to change much but I'm going to give it a bash anyhow.

I watched him play for a bit there and it looks pretty impressive with its gruesome cinematics, '24' type split screens and flashbacks. There also looks to be some interesting new weapons of pixel destruction added (crossbow with exploding bolts looks 'fun').

Off to clean up my M16 and paint my face with some Kiwi Black.

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