On My Doorstep

By bwhere


There is a story behind this stone carving but just in case you cannot work it out: it is a view from the back showing the hair (flying in the wind) and the subject's big hands wrapped round his body from the front in the act of self-hugging. Try it!

We spotted it in the process of being carved at the Mound in Edinburgh during the Festival some years ago. It was a performance. Over a period of days we wandered back and watched it taking shape.

We spoke to the sculptor and got to know him. He had had health problems and for his process of recovery he had started to sculpt. So this work of his represents some kind of psychological statement.

We wanted it and we offered to buy it but he was worried by that because he wasn't allowed to sell things where he was. He asked if we'd give a donation and he'd give us the finished work in return.

He managed to finish it before we had to leave and we finalised our transaction.

I always wonder what became of him.

If you are good I will show you the front.

Art as Therapy - what better example?

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