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Growing a Grav

Here in Wales we have our own take on Movember. The moustache growing mens health campaign.
The Welsh Rugby Players Association decided to launch a charitable campaign to raise money for a benevolent fund for injured players. It's president, Rhys Williams had his career cut short by injury. A tragic shame, as he was potentially one of the best international players of his generation.
The idea is simple. Grow a beard during the month of November.
Why a Grav? Ray Gravell was a hugely popular welsh international from the golden period of the 1970's. He became even more famous to a second generation of supporters when he became S4C's touchline reporter for their live club and regional game. His enthusiasm utterly infectious. Almost as famous was his great bushy beard!
Ray Gravell tragically died from cancer two years ago. What a brilliant way to honour his name, and raise a bit of cash in fun.
So far I have raised over £80.
Only 13 days to go! Expect a December 1st blip of completed bum fluff!

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