Chick Flick

By Flick


Oh dear,oh dear,oh dear oh dear,oh dear,oh dear....
Father Christmas has sacked his elves and hired SECURITY for his fleeting visit to Leicester today.
He's gone all 'celebrity'. He's probably got an Agent and a Manager now...
He's probably only going to do exclusive 'deals with major companies now..
maybe a book?

Today we went to Leicester, it's our youngest's birthday on Monday ... we trailed around this city fighting the Christmas crowds looking for Birthday things.
Some advice for child-free people don't have a baby in December it's Hell.

We also have Henry staying the night, first time ever he has done this, He did try to sleep on the floor of the sitting room and as we said Mummy and Daddy will be coming for him after 1 sleep and 1 breakfast and 1 opening of his Advent Calender he rather sadly tried to persuade us that he should do all this NOW,
Well, using all my years of learnt tactics and strategies he has gone to bed fairly happily and fingers crossed he will remain asleep until at least daylight .. if I don't comment it's because I am dealing with him ...!!!??

(stop press the news on the Nativity Confidence Trickery it was a success! ..but only because we found a ceramic Nativity in Leicester and all moody faces and fairys were added to the pile...phew!

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