life of d

By davidd

Glass full

A fine day today (well fine from a having a nice day point of view, we've had fog and stuff but thats ok). Spent some time with some friends sitting about, talking, dog walking and generally just not doing much. This is an ideal way to spend a Saturday, especially when we've had a really busy week (which we did last week).

Anyway onto blipping. I'm getting obsessed trying to capture movement and light, it started withthis, today I hung a single light bulb with the intention of having the darkened bulb as a blur then lighting it at the end of the exposure so it was lit and sharp...

Major fail ;) Some of the output is here

Anyway, life is a bit short and I have a curry to order so I poured H and I a G&T and blipped that instead !

I'd appreciate any examples of good movement, especially where the subject is pin sharp at the end.

I hope your weekend is going well.



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