The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

River Marden

The weather this morning was less promising than yesterday's and I decided not to stray too far from home and to do my explorations in the morning to make the most of what little light there was. I drove down Studley Hill for further exploration of unreconstructed sections of the Wilts and Berks Canal, which used to cross under the road at Studley Bridge. It's still there but is dry. I was able to get onto it first on the South of the road and then To the North. There is no right of way, but an angler's path runs alongside it, leading to the River Marden.

It was at the point that the canal reaches the river that led to the canal's demise, when a section of the aqueduct fell away overnight in 1901. A support pillar on the far bank is now all that remains of it, as it collapsed completely in 1997. I had hoped to make that shot my blip, but I was unhappy with the poor light and lack of sharpness, and will return to it later, maybe in Spring before it is hidden by foliage.

The view here was taken from the canal at the point where it comes to an abrupt halt above the river, and is looking East. Slightly further along, the river turns to the North and there is a farm called Old Abbey Farm, named for a Cistercian abbey that used to be there.

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