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By Chocolatelover

Rahmawati and Guruh Soekarno Putri/a

they are the children of Mr. Soekarno, their brother and sister did not come and participate, only them who are coming today. woah this day I became a photographer *cie gw*, wooaahh .. i was taking lots of pictures today, super tired and exhausted .. woaahh I have not studied at all for the exam tomorrow at 8 am, daanngg! this is a picture of their parent > Mr. Soekarno and wife

i heart you Sukabumi Pasir Muncang, i wish i could stay long here, the weather and the condition are very different with Jakarta. i'll upload the other photos later.

eerr i think it's time for me to study.. still have 12 hour, bismillah.. semangat!!

Have a great day all!

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