a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

Morning Kiss

Every morning, Jack comes into my bedroom to say 'good morning'. Part of the ritual is to give each of the cats (that are ALWAYS on the bed sleeping) a morning kiss. He gently reaches his head down and kisses them, then says, "Good morning Lily, good morning Gammie!" Then he jumps into bed with me and we usually read a book. This is him kissing Lily this morning.

Of course, if I'm still sleeping, he usually just heads downstairs and puts a show on the TV to watch until I wake up. (Now, if I can just get him to make a pot of coffee we'll be all set!)

Thanks for all of the well-wishes for Jack. Thankfully after a morning nap yesterday, Jack was like a new kid. His appetite came back and he was back to running around being all nutty!

Speaking of which, something funny that happened at my inlaws yesterday....

Jack asked his grandmother for something but forgot to say 'please'. She looked at him and asked, "What is the magic word?". He seemed a bit confused, but thought for a minute then responded, "Abracadabra?????" It was pretty funny, he really didn't know what she meant because I have never said that to him. If he forgets his manners, I usually ask, "How do we ask nicely?"

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