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Zoo Trip #7: Bristol Zoo Gardens

I had planned to go to the zoo yesterday, but the weather was so atrocious I called it off. I was unsure about today and drove over to Spirthill again to see if the night's snowfall had made a difference.

By lunchtime the day had warmed up a little, and I decided to set off for Bristol Zoo. On the way, I paused briefly at Kellaways to capture the snow that had settled on Maud Heath's Causeway there, in front of the chapel.

The zoo wasn't at its best. A lot of the pools were frozen over, it was sparsely populated with visitors, the animals were mostly hiding in their shelters and some of the enclosures were shut owing to the extreme weather conditions, and being winter the gardens had mostly shut themselves down until Spring.

There was still plenty to enjoy though: fur seals, otters, penguins and the two lions, for example, of which this beautiful Asiatic lioness is one.

Bristol Zoo, 30 November 2010 (flickr set of 59 photos)

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