a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

Advent Calendar...

Last night it occured to me that today was December 1st. I haven't even taken down the Fall Harvest decorations yet, let alone get anything ready for Christmas!! I knew that somewhere in the middle of about 20 boxes in the basement was our Advent Calendar house from last year.

I started digging, and luckily for me found it in the second box I looked in. Jack was so excited going to bed last night...he couldn't wait to see what Santa left inside for him. (I say that Santa comes and sticks special things inside....I guess because it makes it that much more exciting!)

This morning, Jack came running into my room.... "Do you think Santa remembered to come last night Momma?" "Let's go Momma" "Get out of bed, puleeeeeeeeeze???"

Santa did come, and he left a little plastic lion and elephant and a couple of stickers!

yesterday at school, Jack gave his teachers some drawings he made at home. He asked what they would do with them, because they didn't have magnets for the mini refrigerator at school. They said they would bring them home, which he couldn't believe because he really thinks the teachers live at school. Last night, we received an email from his teacher with pictures of the front of her house, the living room and the refrigerator with his picture proudly hung up. I thought it was so nice that she took the time to show him!! She really is such a great teacher!!

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