Covent Garden Rudolph

I had an early-morning dentist appointment in central London. The Thameslink trains were running on the way in, but were completely up the spout for my return. So, I took myself off to Covent Garden to pick up a present and headed to Victoria. But that station was shut - no trains coming in or out. This seemed a bit bizarre because there is no snow at all in central London. However, when I managed to get home (tube and bus), about three inches had fallen in West Norwood and the snow was still falling. I had a chat with a colleague in Croydon, only a few miles south, and he was completely snowed in. It seems the snow has hit the south-east pretty hard and left central London alone.

The cat doesn't like it and has crossed legs. The guinea pig trio have been running up and down the hallway all afternoon and couldn't care less.

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