Every Little Step

By moonfairy

The day I hoped would never come.

This entry has been backblipped.

On the morning of Christian's funeral, I awoke at 4.30a.m to tremendous rain.
I thought, ' I know you like the rain Christian, but this is ridiculous'. The funeral was at 1pm so plenty of time for it to dry out. It rained on and off for awhile and then stopped. The sun came out, so at 5.15am, I'm standing on the driveway trying to get a picture of this complete rainbow. Unfortunately, most of the pictures were rather pale, so this was the best of a bad bunch.

The funeral went well, it was sad, emotional, and simple, exactly how Christian would have liked it.

And the weather was kind.

To end it all we found out that Christian's boss had dedicated the website Christian had designed for his company, to him.

A sad, but befitting acknowledgment to Christian's abilities.

I hope Christian has found the end to his rainbow.

I love you Christian.

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