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Snow Day

We don't get snow that often here down South. In fact until a couple of years ago we we hadn't really had any for years.

Last night we had about six inches of snow which for us is huge. Toddler was very excited as she got to wear her all in one winter suit. I had to work from home so wife and the little ones spent most of the day round a friends playing.

I did manage to go for a walk this afternoon for a little break. On the way I saw a Cormorant by the sea which was quite exciting. Then I got to Castle field where it was all going on. Not surprising really as it is the only hill in Portsmouth that can be used for sledging.

I was most impressed with the different sledges on show. There was the classic style and the saucer ones, then there was the road signs, inflatable dingys, recycle bins, bin bags, and life saving rings from the beach.

The inflatables were clearly the fastest.

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