New Dawn #11

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Best served chilled...

The eleventh in this monthly sequence of blips recording the construction of the new Forth Valley College campus. Previous 10 on the numbered links above, and all together here

A bit trickier than normal this shot today, not just because of the cold (how do those construction guys keep working on these things in this weather?) which was registering minus 3 at this point but felt like a mini ice age had kicked in in Clackmannanshire, but also because the S-N-O-W (Shhh!... that word upsets some people apparently) had covered the mark I'd been using to ensure all these shots line up in sequence. Luckily I had Euan with me this afternoon and he was happy to scrape through the stuff until I could get my bearings.

Today was the first day out in a car since Monday and, whilst the main roads are fine - mostly - there still plenty of slippery patches to catch you unawares. Only got stuck once, on a steep climb up near Stirling Castle, and thankfully a couple of passing tourists jumped in to help the kids slide us back on to the tarmac. It's great how this kind of weather brings out the good samaritan in a lot of people.

We've been given the choice of going in to work tomorrow or, if we have the technological capacity, to work from home. Mmmmm, tricky one that...

Petrol Price update: Don't remember what it was last month, but it's 3p a litre up on October's 113.9 price for unleaded and a whopping 4p up on diesel which is sitting at 120.9. Think I may plot these on some sort of graph when this is done.

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