Resident with camera

By Lawrie


Well worth putting some food out for the birds in this weather. There are a lot of goldfinches around, and they are superb in the sunshine and the reflections off the snow. They'll be suffering though with the low temperatures we're having, predicting -8 this week for Yorkshire.

I went looking for Water Rail today, it's always good at Fairburn in this weather, but it was fairly light on birds. Although I did manage a list of about 40 today, including Peregrine, Hen Harrier and Bittern, a notable absentee from the list was grey heron, not a one in sight.

But for a great birding blip head over to Longshanks where he managed to get Common and Jack snipe in the same frame!

A quick edit...
The idea of a Sub Sunday as emerged from The No and I like the idea, so here are couple of people who I've enjoyed following Horns of Wilmington's cow and The Wolf Journal

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