Finding the right phone and the right plan and the right carrier is more difficult than buying a house! Though, I don't think it would be so bad if I were not going out of my way trying to stay with my current carrier, T-Mobile. I've had them for years, they have the lowest rates and I've had no trouble with them that wasn't resolved quickly.

Until today.

Every time I turn around, I find different prices on their plans and on their phones, I just can't get a straight answer from them. Their website is the least helpful with just a few plans detailed and no 'a la carte' options listed. I quite by accident found a very different rate plan at, of all places, Radio Shack that is neither posted on their website, nor was every mentioned in any of the calls I have made to customer service.

Then there was the debacle a few days ago when I went to their store to pick up what was supposed to be a free phone, but the obnoxious jerk I was dealing with tried to charge me $100 for. Calling back customer support resulted only in more wasted time, so I shelved the whole deal with T-Mobile for a few days until I can take a fresh look at things.


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